An easy to use tool that keeps track of your training and equipment

Get control of your construction project

We’ve digitized product training, information and maintainance.
Master Content
Get access to product information, courses, content and templates from our predefined content library
Content from Master can be customized for your company
Integrations & APIs
Product Information is approved & maintained by manufacturers
Machine Registry
Track & monitor the complete lifecycle of your entire fleet of equipment
Gather all product specifications, documentation and related content in one platform
Third Party machine approvals and control
Integrate with your software to automate your operation
Get the right training with equipment specific familiarization
All training is documented in your lifelong CV. A permanent, traceable history of competence
Easily distribute and track training across your organization
Create and follow up routines for your equipment
Daily & periodic controls
Make sure your routines are followed even when your equipment is used by a third party
Get notified when your routines aren’t followed
Environmental Impact coming soon
Plan, adapt and improve with real time environmental data, statistics & reporting
Make sure your equipment is operated responsibly, with logged operator behaviour.
Track electricity, renewable energy, fuel consumption & emissions.
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