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Join the leading organizations that use DigiQuip
  • "The Working Environment Act requires equipment- specific training when using machines and equipment. DigiQuip has developed this digitally with animations to make HSE work easy, safe and accessible wherever you are. The solution also ensures The documentation requirement the employer has for training in machinery and equipment for the construction industry. This is a solution that will contribute to both customers and employees receiving more efficient digital training, stronger control and a simplified and secure customer journey when renting machinery and equipment."
    Nina Aasland
    CEO, Naboen AS
  • "This is a solution that will help customers and employees receive more efficient digital training, control and use of machines. HSE is the most important value we can give our customers and employees. We work every single day to focus on safety in addition to being in front when it comes to sustainability, digitalisation and the technical development in the industry.

    Ramirent wants to use new solutions where it has great value for customers. DigiQuip is one of many important technological initiatives that will help our customers have an even safer, simpler and more productive experience of Ramirent."
    Fredrik Brandal
    CEO, Ramirent
  • "Our customers needed effective learning solutions and documentation for the use of our products. We chose DigiQuip, which delivers a comprehensive solution for digital product-specific learning."
    Johnny Slåttland
    CEO, Ernex
  • “We are a Norwegian hire company that took advantage of DigiQuips solutions in februar 2020. The timing was perfect given the corona pandemic, as it was very difficult to give our customers a good training in the use of the machines. The Contractors who received training for their employees were also able to document this, and thus covered statutory requirements”
    Erik Sørby
    Chairman of the board, Sørby Utleie As
  • “Better customer experience and more efficient utilization of our own employees means that we want to focus on digital training for our equipment.”
    Kjell Rune Petterson
    CEO, Mylift AS
  • “In collaboration with DigiQuip, we have run a pilot project on digital familiarization on selected models. Several of the country's largest contractors, rental companies and major public customers has runed the pilot. The feedback from the pilot project is exclusively positive! Digital learning will streamline and secure the everyday lives of our customers, and has definitely come to stay.”
    Jarle Bjørløw
    Sales Manager Southern and Eastern Norway, Volvo