AppsCo One - the connection you need between HR and Equipment

Take advantage of an employee management platform that fully integrates with DigiQuip.
Employee management platform
Simplify and automate your employee Onboarding, changes and Offboarding. Maintain overview and control over your apps and access, HR master data, HR processes and Compliance.
Identity management
Control & manage employee access to applications & services like G-suite, Office 365 & Salesforce.
Control your sensitive data flow with password management, 2fa, device access , audit logs & more.
Manage all your Employees, projects and simplify your operations from On-boarding to off-boarding.
Manage your employee life cycle
Employee & Equipment Changes
Third-party Apps
Personell records & integrations
Workflows & approvals
Time tracking & Time off management
AppsCo plans
People free
Plus HR
$4 employee/month
Premium HR
$2 employee/month
Premium Workspace
$2 employee/month
Employee records HR Master
Time-Off Management
On & offboarding of employees
Timesheets - Clock in & out
Organizational tree
Group and department structure
Policy - Workplan
Policy - Time-Off Management
To-do lists of your tasks
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Billable and non-billable hours
Other cost to projects & task
Team works hour visibility
Fixed and recurring contracts
Reports & statistics
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Records of processing activities
Compliance assessment
Subject access request
Consent management
Data privacy impact assessment
Privacy breach management
Privacy policy management
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Identity Provider with multi domain
App Provisioning
Audit log
Apps insights & reports
Security policies
Oath support
License overview
Access onboarding task list
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How do I start
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Employees can securely store & share their login credentials for any app or site.
Give your employees 1-click access to apps
Use our extensive Pre-can SSO catalog!
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