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Our goal is to help increase safety by enhancing the competence of equipment operators.


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Download the guide - 4 tips to avoid injuries at the workplace by ensuring good training.

In the last five years, there have been 143 fatal accidents at Norwegian workplaces. In addition, there are several thousand serious injuries due to incorrect use of machines and equipment.

The guide is useful both for managers and those responsible for HSE. It's about having an overview, about looking after the employees, and about "being there when it does not happen".

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Safer workplaces.

Training is a key contributor to safety. With our solution, competence management is simplified, and employees receive the necessary training on – and information about – the specific work equipment they will use.


Effective training and documentation.

  • Equipment operator

    DQ People

    • Easy way to perform familiarization – either digital or manual

    • Correct information about the current competence requirements for the equipment

    • Unique competence overview for you and your leader, which ensures that competence gaps are easily identified and closed

    We help you document competences and familiarizations effectively.

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      Digital training

      Learn to use the equipment on your own by watching instructional videos, reading user manuals and answering questions.

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      Reported training

      Upload proof of completed training, such as familiarizations and certifications, to your personal profile.

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      Practical training

      Start a practical training session and train others. Register as many students as you want and start the course.

  • Equipment owner

    DQ Equipment

    • Simple registration of equipment

    • Complete overview of all equipment

    • Quick access to documentation and history

    Get a complete overview of your equipment and the competence needed to operate each machine.

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      Easy access

      Attach our QR codes to your equipment to give operators instant access to relevant information and familiarization material.

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      Your content

      Create your own familiarization materials, set competence requirments, add pre-use inspection requirements, upload instructional videos and user manuals, and more.

    • Frame 333879-3.svg

      Centralized content

      Get your equipment easily from our model register (DQ PIM) with relevant familiarization content and product information directly from the dealers. Check if your dealer uses DQ PIM.

  • Dealer

    DQ PIM

    • Easily update product information to your customers' equipment

    • User-friendly user experience for your customers

    • Improve operator safety by contributing to correct equipment usage

    Our shared model register where dealers share relevant product information with equipment owners.

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      For dealers

      As a dealer you can distribute important product information to equipment operators for free.

    • Frame 333879-1 copy 2.svg

      Same content for everyone

      All users get cost-free access to user manuals and familiarization videos through our QR-codes in DQ Equipment.

    • Video_icon.svg

      Content production

      We offer content production, such as instuctional videos, for use in DQ PIM. Contact us for a quote on your equipment.

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  • Inspector


    • Solution for expert control and service

    • Provides complete inspection history and reports

    • Easy access to status and reports through QR code

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    We help experts maintain high quality in their annual inspections.

    • Bruker-ikon.svg

      For Inspectors

      A user-friendly system to track, plan and perform expert inspections and service.

    • Ikon_folder.svg

      Share information

      A common register that gives inspectors and owners access to the same equipment across companies.

    • Checklist_icon.svg

      Flexible checklists

      Standardized checklists that can be easily changed and customized. In addition, you can create your own checklists.

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Do you want easy access to equipment information, familiarization and a better overview of your competencies?

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