Solutions for safe use of work equipment.


Safety at work.

We are developing a platform for training, control, and monitoring of machinery. Our software is designed to make it easier to facilitate an efficient and safe workplace.


Safe use of work equipment requires necessary training and expertise.


DigiQuip simplifies the management of competence, training, and documentation for businesses. The software provides a complete overview of courses, competency certificates, training, project experience, and professional qualifications.

With DigiQuip, the only software offering equipment-specific training, it becomes easier for employers to administer the required training.

By placing QR codes on machines or equipment, users gain immediate access to their own competency status for the specific work equipment.

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    Consolidate all work equipment and documentation into one platform.


    DigiQuip makes it easy for businesses to gather and share crucial information such as user manuals, CE documents, competency requirements, and inspection status.

    By scanning the QR code on the machine or equipment, the user easily accesses relevant information, including inspection status, user manual, training, and most importantly, competency.

    • Consolidate and make important documents accessible.

    • Keep track of both daily and annual inspections.

    • Gain control over competency requirements.

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    Suppliers efficiently share information and content through our model registry.


    For easy sharing of product information, documents, competency requirements, and training, we have built a model library.

    With information and content in one place, everyone has access to updated information on various models at all times.

    Our model library is free and open to all. This is how we facilitate better, simpler, and faster information sharing for everyone working with machinery and equipment.

    • User manuals and instructions.

    • Product specifications.

    • Videos, images, and training.

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    Efficient execution and documentation of expert inspections.

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    With our solution, inspectors can efficiently carry out their work from planning to follow-up, including thorough documentation.

    Machine owners also gain complete visibility into the status, inspection deadlines, and necessary documentation.

    • Streamline planning with a comprehensive machine overview.

    • Save time with flexible checklists.

    • Easily conduct and document annual inspections.

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    Do you want easy access to equipment information, familiarization and a better overview of your competencies?

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